“I am impressed! I didn’t expect EIS to find so many details for my health problems. I can now understand why some things happened to me”
E.S. Limassol Age: 42

“Medicine has evolved enormously. EIS warned me about things I need to avoid”
A.A. Nicosia Age: 33

“I have found what I really wanted. Prevention is mandatory for our health.”
V.N. Nicosia Age: 21

“I have changed my nutritional habits, as indicated by the examination and now my digestive system is working perfectly”
N.S. Larnaca Age: 58

“I do EIS every year and I will continue doing it for the rest of my life. I even know what vitamins I need.”
A.D. Limassol Age: 21

“The examination clearly showed what was causing my problem.”
M.C. Nicosia Age: 47

“We all do it! My kids, my husband and me! That is the best prevention measurement one can take for avoiding diseases.”
C.C. Larnaca Age: 42

“I lost 15kg! All I did… was to follow the nutritional suggestions of the examination”
F.R. Larnaca Age: 44

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